Create Storyboards and Animatics

254d48e2109538457f54acf289a27aa4.jpgStoryboards help tell your story ahead of time and get the whole crew on board with how the film will look. It is one thing to describe a shot, but we can all hold a slightly different picture in our minds, so storyboards mean we all get on the same page.

Directors will create storyboards and the camera crew or DOPs will assist in this process.

Here you can build your own storyboard with an ACMI online generator using photos and it will turn it into an animatic for you ( an animated storyboard).

Storyboard generator

Understanding Storyboards PDF

It is very common in animation as can be seen here Gorillaz Animatic hqdefault.jpg

and here is the final music video from the animatic- Gorillaz: Dirty Harry

Above and below are Alfred Hitchock’s storyboard for The Birds. He worked with storyboard artist Harold Michelson. The final film was almost exactly the same as you can see below.  It was said he barely looked through the view finder as he knew what he would be getting. Can you see every frame of your film. It is called pre-visualisation. You as a director can create a ‘pre-vis’ and  animate the drawn or photo frames to see what your film will look like, what you need to add and to work on timing and framing. For more info and detail check out this website: The Birdsa2e12b65ab4173714df140b61bd651ee.jpg



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