Tropfest films

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 9.59.08 AM.png

Trop fest is a film festival that started in Sydney at the Tropicana Caffe and is now a huge deal. It nearly died and it has been refinanced and is back. Each year the entries must include an item; this year it is ‘pineapple’.  The films are often central social narratives with a twist towards the end. They can be hit and miss but often will entertain. There is Trop Jr also for your younger siblings to enter!


Some I have enjoyed – ( feel free to add your highlights in the comments).

I was looking for short films for 13 year olds at a school – this was not appropriate! It is from Western Australia and a cute film.

This next one was the winner of the DSLR category. It is a simple concept about a complex topic and executed with talent.


And finally still one of my all time faves.An Australian Zombie film. The storytelling and cinematography and sound design, tension and acting are fantastic.  Directed by Yolanda Ramke &Ben Howling.




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